What other supplies will I need?

There are a million ways to grow Oyster Mushrooms. With the science kit, I’ll send you a two-page instruction sheet that gives you the simplest way to get started that requires the least amount of prep work and no specialized gear. It’s a great starting point for diving into the mushroom growing experience and learning the basic hands-on skills that you need before exploring more advanced techniques and substrates.

The instructions that I include require the following: 

• Pre-cooked rice in a bag (Uncle Bens Brown Rice – They just rebranded to be called Ben’s Original but a lot of stores still have the old packaging. Either is fine, as is whatever generic store brand they have as long as it’s plain brown rice. Just to be clear, you want the pre-cooked brown rice that comes in small packages that you heat up in the microwave, it’s not dry rice that you cook yourself! )
• Liquid Mushroom Culture (these instructions will work with any variety of oyster mushroom)
• Scissors or a single hole punch
• 70% Isopropyl Alcohol. Peroxide works too!
• Paper Towel
• Paper first aid tape (Just regular breathable first aid type bandage tape-you can find it in any pharmacy, I usually order this on Amazon.)
• You’ll want a small “misting” bottle for watering them while they’re fruiting.  

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