Golden Oyster Gourmet Mushroom Growing Kit Holiday Edition


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Share the joy of cultivating radiant Golden Oyster mushrooms with our exclusive Christmas edition mushroom growing kits. They’re effortless to grow (simply start them on a bag of brown rice and grow them in coffee grounds or straw!) These edible mushrooms boast a nutty and earthy flavor, complemented by a hint of tanginess that adds a zing to every bite. Savor their unique and rich taste, bringing a touch of gourmet flair to your festive dishes. A golden holiday treat that’s both enjoyable to grow and exquisite to cook with

This kit is designed to help you learn to grow mushrooms at home without any specialized equipment. All you’ll need is some brown rice and paper bandage tape – for growing in larger quantities, you’ll also want either used coffee grounds or straw. There’s enough culture in each kit to start up to 5 buckets of mushrooms.

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