The Mushroom Conservatory encourages grand exploration by teaching people to grow, learn, and experiment with growing mushrooms in their own homes. Fungi are capable of producing food, sustainable biofuels, and restoring our world’s ecosystem. Growing mushrooms is a meditative process – a discipline that lends itself to creating a more present, caring way of life. Join us in the process of discovering, exploring and celebrating the possibilities.

My name is Erin Hamilton. I’m from Michigan, and I’m on a mission to teach America to grow mushrooms. Last year, I developed the first kit of it’s kind to help people learn the entire oyster mushroom growing process from start to finish. Growing mushrooms can be intimidating at first, and my goal with this is to equip people with the confidence and foundational skills to enjoy growing their own mushrooms at home and move on to explore more advanced mushroom growing techniques.

I have found endless fascination in the fungi kingdom. In a world where humankind has explored the depths of the ocean, the vastness of space and the glories of the animal and plant kingdoms, there lives a great deal of mystery surrounding that which is kingdom fungi. I believe that what lies beneath the surface holds the key to solving climate change and decoding many of the mysteries of the world around us.

My mission is to share the adventure of exploration into the world of mycology with as many people as possible in hopes of unlocking the secrets that have yet to be discovered in the world around us.

If you ever run into questions, ideas, or issues growing your mushrooms, I am here – click here to write to me!

Can you eat oyster mushrooms?

Yes!!! And they are fantastic for cooking with – different varieties of oyster mushrooms even lend themselves to their own particular techniques. Want to learn more about which mushrooms taste like bacon, and how to cook your king oysters?

Click here for a roundup of my favorite oyster mushroom cooking videos.

Cultivating Oyster Mushrooms with Erin Hamilton: June 2022 Live Interactive Mushroom Growing Workshop

Ready to dive into your mushroom growing adventure? Join me for a 3-session biweekly live/interactive/online workshop to learn how to grow your own mushrooms with other amazing people around the country.


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