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We’re on a mission to teach the world to grow mushrooms,
explore kingdom fungi and save the planet.

Mushrooms for Education

There are around 14,000 known mushroom species on Earth, but an estimated 3-4 million remain undiscovered. Each type serves a unique purpose, from food and wellness to manufacturing and agriculture. The fungi kingdom offers endless possibilities for exploration and education at all levels. Our aim is to inspire future mycologists by sharing knowledge and providing tools for discovery.

Mushrooms for Food

Food unites us, providing strength and community. Mushrooms are crucial for food security, combating hunger, and enhancing culinary experiences. Collaborating with chefs worldwide, we highlight mushrooms’ role in feeding the planet despite climate challenges, showing how they can create a feast for all.

Mushrooms Restoring the Ecosystem

Fungi actively manage approximately 30% of the world’s pollution before it is detected. Their potential for restoring Earth’s ecosystem and creating sustainable materials such as mycelium-based products can significantly reduce post-consumer waste while introducing healthy mycelium to landfills for more environmentally friendly decomposition.

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Some of the amazing Brands & Brains Exploring the Wonderful World of Mushroom Growing With Us

We’re so excited to be partnering with the University of Michigan’s Sustainable Living Experience to create a gourmet mushroom growing space for their students. The Sustainable Living Experience is led by Joe Trumpey, Mother Earth Magazine’s Homesteader of the Year 2015, and I am completely delighted to be joining forces to create an amazing learning experience for students to learn mushroom-growing skills that will last a lifetime.

This past fall, we were honored to be included in Zingerman’s Mail Order’s Food Explorer’s Club subscription box to bring their subscribers the delight of growing their own mushrooms at home using our oyster mushroom growing kits. We love helping people that love food dive into mushroom growing because it is such a thrilling experience to cook with them, and all the more so when you grew your own mushrooms yourself.

Farmers Almanac was founded in 1811 and have provided generations of farmers and gardeners with wonderful tips, guides, folklore and fascinating stories. I had the honor of writing a mushroom growing guide for them recently & they’re now carrying our kits in their shop – check it out here!

Can you eat oyster mushrooms?

Yes!!! And they are fantastic for cooking with – different varieties of oyster mushrooms even lend themselves to their own particular techniques. Want to learn more about which mushrooms taste like bacon, and how to cook your king oysters?

Click here for a roundup of my favorite oyster mushroom cooking videos.


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