2023 Mushroom Science Fair Winners Hall of Fame

We’ve had several brilliant students participate in science fairs this spring doing a variety of science experiments and presentations using our oyster mushroom science kits, and I just couldn’t be more proud. I’d like to take a minute to recognize to brilliant young future mycologists that each won first place in their respective science fairs with their thoughtful experiments and detailed presentations (and they each wore some of the coolest mushroom shirts we’ve ever seen!) Let’s have a big round of applause for Cosette and Judah – great work & we can’t wait to see what you do next!

Judah’s Mushroom Science Fair Substrate Experiment

In a quest to figure out the most efficient way to produce the most possible mushrooms for his family, Judah experimented with several different substrates to see which materials and methods would grow the greatest quantity of mushrooms. His mushroom illustrations were particularly excellent, and he took first place in his science fair for his mushroom growing endeavors!

Cosette’s Mushroom Science Fair Sucrose Experiment

Exploring the effects of different levels of sucrose in mushroom substrate on the growth rate of King Oyster mycelium, Cosette won first place in her science fair with special recognition to her attention to detail in presenting the details and outcome of her oyster mushroom growing experiment. She did a very carefully controlled grow of many iterations of her experiment, each with slightly higher percentages of sucrose to see how much it impacted the rate of mycelial growth.

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