Mushroom Growing Workshops & Programs

Discover the extraordinary world of fungi with our hands-on Mushroom Growing Workshops & Programs at The Mushroom Conservatory.

Whether you’re participating in a local session in Michigan or attending one of our nationwide special events, explore the possibilities that mushrooms offer and learn how to cultivate your own mushrooms for food, wellness & the future of the planet.

we actively engage in culturally enriching events to bring attendees closer to the fungi kingdom. Through our participation, we offer not only extraordinary mushroom-centric learning experiences but also engaging talks and hands-on demonstrations that explore the broader implications and uses of mycology.

Hands on Workshops

Our mushroom growing workshops are set up to be inspiring, informative hands-on learning experiences that take you through the process of mushroom growing so that you can grow mushrooms at home or even explore the possibility of starting a mushroom growing business.

University Programs

Our custom mushroom growing programs for universities are crafted to enrich and enhance academic learning environments. We focus on creating comprehensive, hands-on experiences that delve into mushroom cultivation, tailored specifically for educational institutions.

Special Events

special events, galas, and feasts, we celebrate the versatility and cultural significance of mushrooms, aligning with our mission to share their wonders with the world. Last year, we had the pleasure of participating in the Carver Carson Society Gala and provided mushrooms for the Greening Detroit Gala and Acorn Farm’s Woodlands & Wildflowers Feast.


Be the first to know when new events are added to our calendar! We’re currently working on our late summer & fall 2024 event list and will be updating this soon. Tickets go quickly, so make sure to keep an eye out for messages from us!

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