Group Buys & Wholesale Mushroom Growing Kits

Our kits sell quickly – and if they don’t sell within six months, send what’s left back to us and we’ll send you fresh replacement kits so that you’re never stuck with unusable stock.

Never on Amazon – we love working with independent retailers and put a high priority on delivering a unique product that isn’t oversaturated, that your customers will delight in.

Provide your customers with a growing experience that delivers lifelong skills and feasts. Our kits promote food security and bring culinary delight to people around the world.

Fast delivery, responsive and helpful customer service. And a product that people are really interested in. Several customers purchased as gifts and then came back and bought for themselves to try as well. Some are a little confused by the instructions and we have had to help them but we found it fairly easy ourselves when we did a sample run. Customers enjoy seeing them growing in the store as an example and it creates a great interaction starter.Customers are raving about them Karen • Grass Valley, CA, United States December 26, 2022

We’ve been honored to have our kits featured in over 120 independent stores around the world and we’ve been featured in subscription boxes like Zingerman’s Mail Order Food Explorer’s Club and Read it and Eat.

If you’d like to get info about purchasing our mushroom growing kits in bulk, I’m glad to provide wholesale pricing.

Please fill out the form below to apply for a wholesale account. I will send you an email with login information! Please feel free to contact me directly here or send me an email if you have any questions –



What are the Benefits of Mushroom Growing Kits from The Mushroom Conservatory?

Our kits have been very popular with retails because:

  • Unlike the typical pre-built mushroom growing kits, these allow customers to truly learn to grow their mushrooms from the ground up.
  • They are much more lightweight than prepared mushroom blocks and easy to ship, weighing only 3 ounces per kit.
  • Our mushroom growing kits have a shelf life of at least 6 months at room temp and even longer when kept cool.

We also use Faire to simplify the wholesale ordering process for those who prefer it. If you’re on Faire and would prefer to connect on there, please use the link below! Either way, we look forward to helping you bring the adventure of growing mushrooms to your students and customers – please send me a note any time with questions, I’m always glad to help!

– Erin

Wholesale Application – Fill this out & we’ll send you a login to purchase our kits by the case!

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