Book me for events and mushroom-growing workshops!

My name is Erin Hamilton, and I own The Mushroom Conservatory here in Howell, Michigan. We specialize in producing gourmet oyster mushroom growing kits and are delighted to have our products featured in over 120 stores worldwide. I developed our kits out of a love for mushroom growing after realizing that the typical storebought mushroom kits don’t teach you how to grow mushrooms, and it became very important to me to make that knowledge accessible and doable in a “teach people to fish” kind of way.

As a fervent advocate for renewable agriculture, delectable food, sustainable living, and food security, my mission is to empower individuals from all walks of life to learn how to grow their own food. By fostering a global community of self-sufficient food producers, we can contribute to a more sustainable and secure future for all.

As a passionate and experienced mushroom cultivator and educator, I am available to share my knowledge and skills at your next event, conference, or gathering. With a focus on sustainable, organic, and regenerative practices, my presentations and workshops are perfect for gardeners, hobby farmers, and sustainability enthusiasts. I’ve taught people as young as three and all the way up to ninety-one years old to grow their own mushrooms, and they have an amazing way of delighting people of all ages.

Book me for your next event or conference, and let’s work together to spread the knowledge and passion for mushroom cultivation, self-sufficiency, and leave a better planet for future generations.

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