Discover the Benefits of Lion’s Mane Mushrooms

Grow your own mushrooms with our Lion’s Mane Mushroom Liquid Culture. Perfect for making grain spawn and growing mushrooms on straw, coffee grounds, or hardwood sawdust. This liquid culture is a must-have for anyone who loves growing their own Lion’s Mane mushrooms. These mushrooms display a beautiful shaggy appearance, offer incredible flavor, and researchers widely study their wellness possibilities.


  • Researchers are studying Lion’s Mane mushrooms for their potential to enhance brain health. This has made them a popular option for people looking to maintain their well-being.
  • Gourmet Delight: Not just for health, these mushrooms are a culinary treat, known for their lobster-like flavor when cooked.
  • We designed our eco-friendly packaging to be better for the environment. We use as little plastic as possible and our packaging is both recycled and compostable.
  • The Best Liquid Culture: Our Lion’s Mane liquid culture is top quality, with strong genetics that result in high success and robust mycelial growth.
  • Potent and Pure: The culture is carefully prepared in a sterile environment to maintain purity, preventing contamination and ensuring a potent and healthy growth of mycelium.
  • Long Term Culture Storage: Stored in a sterile, sealed container, our liquid culture can be refrigerated for extended shelf life, retaining its viability for over a year.
  • Works with many Mushroom Growing Techniques: Ideal for various cultivation methods, whether you’re growing on hardwood substrates, sawdust, grain, or experimenting with different techniques.
  • This is for a 10Ml syringe of Lions Mane Mushroom Liquid Culture. It does not include instructions – you can use this for your preferred method of mushroom growing. If you have never grown mushrooms before and would like a bit more guidance, we recommend using our Lions Mane Mushroom Growing Kit instead.
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