Growing Mushrooms at Home

Learning to grow and cultivate your own oyster mushrooms in your home can be a rewarding experience that also provides you with the necessary skillset to go on to grow many other kinds of other fungi. We believe it is important to start from the beginning if you are learning how to grow and you want it to stick. Premade kits will only provide you with a partial experience, and learning to grow them at home from the start allows you the freedom to explore techniques and varieties, and knowing how to do it yourself allows you to truly achieve the ability to produce your own food independently. I believe that it is important to start from the beginning in a simple way that allows the maximum opportunity for exploration and experimentation with your mushroom grow kit.

Benefits of Growing Mushrooms at Home

Grow at your own pace

Timing is everything when you are growing mushrooms you want to be able to attend to them in a private setting where the environment is friendly and set to the right tempertures and the home is perfect for this. Working at the pace of your own grow will allow you to learn as much as you can by examination and close exploration take notes or just to watch in awe as the mushroom processes its way through the rice or other substrate and observe the pins as they blossom into full mushrooms.

Environment Control

There are many variables at play when you grow anything! The fungi kingdom is no different in the way that the environment really affects its growth. These environmental factors of the mushrooms range from things such as Air Quality, Moisture, Substrate Type, Lighting, Sun, and possibly things like Music, Conversation, Nearby Plants, Rocks, Dirt along with many still-undiscovered things.

Independent Study

We are at the beginning of a new journey where we are all exploring as one to find the many things that Mushrooms can do for us. Mushrooms have the potential to clean up oil spills, prevent diseases, increase health, and provide better environments for many species within the animal kingdom. Many mushrooms are edible and can be used in medicine for mental and soul health. Growing mushrooms at home will allow you to either eat them or explore them on your own terms, figuring out what they are capable of and what they really can do for you and the environment are some of the most important reasons to grow them in your home.

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