Holiday Edition King Oyster Gourmet Mushroom Growing Kit


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Share the joy of growing majestic King Oyster mushrooms, now in our special Christmas edition packaging. Experience the savory umami taste, all wrapped up in the magic of a snow globe setting. A royal holiday treat for the festive season!

All you’ll need is some brown rice and paper bandage tape – for growing in larger quantities, you’ll also want either used coffee grounds or straw. No special equipment needed. They are fairly easy to work with and include instructions for growing them on a bag of precooked rice at home or a bucket of straw or coffee grounds if you’d like to grow a lot of them.

The distinctive shape of the King Oyster mushroom lends itself to a variety of innovative cooking techniques, including searing them sliced in the fashion of scallops. When freshly picked and uncooked, King Oysters are almost tasteless and have very little scent to them, but when cooked, they deliver an incredible umami flavor and a meaty texture.

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