Pink Oyster Gourmet Mushroom Growing Kit Holiday Edition


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Share the joy of cultivating mesmerizing Pink Oyster mushrooms with our exclusive Christmas edition mushroom growing kits. They’re a breeze to grow (just start them on a bag of brown rice and nurture them in coffee grounds or straw!) They are edible mushrooms and while they taste bitter raw, their flavor transforms to something really lovely and bacon-ish when cooked… Savor their distinct and vibrant taste, adding a splash of color and culinary excitement to your festive dishes. A delightful holiday treat that’s both fun to grow and delightful to cook with.

All you’ll need is some brown rice and paper bandage tape – for growing in larger quantities, you’ll also want either used coffee grounds or straw. No special equipment needed.

Pink Oyster mushrooms were first cataloged by botanist Georg Eberhard Rumphius under the name Agaricus djamor in the 1600’s. It was later transferred to the genus Pleurotus by Karel Bernard Boedijn in 1959, and has since been known as Pleurotus djamor.

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